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Azure Development Services

UKAD expertise allows us to get the best of Microsoft Azure potential. Our main purpose is to elicit and meet with all the business requirements.

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    Qualified Azure Developers

    The skills and experience our Microsoft Azure developers attain guarantees the high-quality standards.

  • After Release Support

    Efficiency and Openness

    Hiring a Microsoft Azure dedicated team or sole Azure developer from UKAD, you can completely rely on efficiency. The team always ready to give input and welcome the feedback.

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    Language & Timezones

    Eastern European Time Zone is comfortable to collaborate with our co-shoring Clients.
    English is a company language and is used in daily communication.

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    Legal Protection

    We sign a non-disclosure agreement that guarantees complete confidentiality and all the intellectual property rights.

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    Cost Merit

    Microsoft Azure development in Ukraine is cost-effectively compared to EU, US and Australia while keeping the high quality. Every team member has at least a bachelor’s degree.

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    Intellectual Ownership

    The Customer 100% owns all legal rights for software build for him.

Why Azure

Azure gives business flexibility in managing cloud infrastructure and reduce costs for hardware maintenance.

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    Lightning Speed

    Microsoft Azure speed up deliveries, operation flexibility, scalability, and functionality is just unmatchable by on-premises.

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    Secure and seamless login allow the customers to use familiar accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn to authorize into services.

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    Azure let Clients to develop, test and upgrade during the development process. It is easier to explore new avenues and new technologies.

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    Scalable & Flexible

    We use Azure to easily create reliable and scalable applications, performing great from 10 to myriad users without the need for any additional coding.

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    Global Reach

    Azure apps can be accessed worldwide. Azure provides high performance without any geographical limits.

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    Fully-Integrated Cloud Environment

    Client can host all the infrastructure in the cloud. It helps to reduce hardware and maintenance costs.

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    The data kept in the cloud is protected from any natural or political emergencies.

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    Azure helps reasonable budget usage, scaling the space and speed according to the current needs.

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    Intuitive interface and great support make Azure simple even for non-technical users.

Our Azure Development Service Models

We are ready to create a service model that meets the unique goals for your project. Or choose from the prepared options.

Digital Transformation

You are an offline business owner who wants to expand the internet market. Choose, create and launch the best digital solutions for a web presence.

Extend Customer Team

You run an online business. Your project requires professional engineers to improve your application in collaboration with the in-house team.


You are a digital agency or a software development company. You have great design and UX team and need technical experts to implement your ideas.

Our Latest Azure Development Projects


ContentTap makes it easy to centrally manage, distribute and track web or mobile documents, images and videos via simple app.


Ginza is a family owned e-commerce project from Nossebro, Sweden. It is the oldest and probably the most famous online music shop in the country.


Co:tunity is a co-creation app made by Kairos Future that connects team members in real time to capture inspiration and build ideas.

Hire Azure Development Team

Why Ukraine

  • Close time zone

    1-hour time difference with Europe. The development team is available during a Customer's working hours.

  • English Language

    English is the official company language. Every team member has full speaking and writing language proficiency.

  • Free visa entry

    Ukrainian regulations allow entering the country for EU, US and Australian citizens without special permissions.

  • Close distance to EU

    Ukraine borders Schengen Area. It takes a few hours to reach our R&D centre in Ukraine from EU. Kharkiv International airport is 20 minutes drive from UKAD Office.

  • Pro-European mentality

    Ukrainians are sharing communication best-practices and business ethics. The communication and agreements are clear, and the workflow is driven by high results.

  • High educational standards

    95% of team members have Masters and Bachelors Degree. Our specialists' technical skills are grounded in Computer Science and Mathematics principles.

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