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First Merchello eCommerce Project

First Merchello eCommerce Project

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If you don’t have time or budget to develop a custom webshop and none of the cloud platforms meets your customization requirements – consider using existing CMS systems in a conjunction with a third party eShop package.

Looking for such kind of solution, based on Umbraco CMS, we discovered Merchello. This free software tool offers a basic eCommerce functionality out of the box and at the same time, it is fairly customizable.

Merchello provides a Starter Kit package for a quick platform evaluation or your project kick-off. Once you set it up you’ll get a sample shop with a few items organized into collections, examples of how those collections can be connected with Umbraco content, basic ordering flow configured.

Product Capabilities

Single product item in Merchello settings contains a set of information about your product.  Properties, such as sizes or colours, can be shared between the products. Items can vary upon their shared properties.

We were able to add custom fields to the products: in our case - multiple description tabs.

Stock management for a single warehouse is provided by default. But there is a possibility to put an item on Sale with a different price.

Merchello also provides the functionality to sell digital goods, which means selling files are directly attached to the item entity. Products can be marked as Related allowing to build recommendation modules.

Goods Catologisation

A single item can belong simultaneously to multiple collections. Collections can be used as Categories of your commodities. You can define a tree-like structure for your collections and create your catalogue out of it.  

In addition to the catalogue, you can create special collections dedicated to Sales or showcasing specific groups of goods united by non-category criteria. Thus any collection can be configured to be displayed in the content, either a category page listing or a home page with featured content.


Customers can create accounts in the store. This allows keeping their shopping history.

Out of the box, Merchello has modules for integrating with Paypal & Braintree payment providers. Cash payments management is also available.

Store Management

Obviously, store managers can track orders and change their status. Merchello gives a possibility to attach shipping information and status for orders.

Store administrators can configure currencies used for the shop transactions (yes – there can be more than one).  Tax configurations is also possible.

Simple Sales statistics data is also available for free. Merchello following reports consists of:

  • Revenue current week vs last week
  • Revenue amount by month
  • Top 10 selling items by date
  • Abandoned basket statistics


Merchello is decent software for small/medium size projects. It keeps up with a couple of thousand products rather well.  Its feature set provides possibilities beyond plain Catalog and Basket.

As of spring 2019, Merchello works with Umbraco 7, almost all versions.


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