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Hire .Net Developers in Ukraine

Hire .Net Developers in Ukraine

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.NET development global market

.NET developers demand to keep the highest rates on the global employment market during the past 18 years. Companies worldwide are looking for qualified .NET engineers, as simple research of job opportunities shows. For example, a google request “.NET developer” gives more than 7,240,000 results.

A lack of required engineers for US and European countries established approaches to outsourcing.   

Ukrainian .NET developers

When a development team in the USA needs to be extended with a new IT specialist, to hire a local full-time employee is not always an easy and convenient choice. Due to complicated labour legislation, the process could take up to several months and a tough budget might not cover the expenses for an onside worker.

Dedicated .NET development team based in Ukraine could be a beneficial way to save time and costs, keeping the high-quality standards and up-to-date collaboration models.

Ukrainian developers are experienced with a wide range of modern tools, the local mentality is pro-european, good spoken and written English is must for every Ukrainian IT-specialist, workflow standards are following the values of transparency and high reliability. Very often cooperation with Ukrainian .NET software house like UKAD turns into long-term digital partnership.

Microsoft.NET is a popular programming language worldwide and in Ukraine. The framework is widely used for websites, desktop applications.

Choosing the right .NET development company in Ukraine

While choosing a software house for your project, consider the following criteria:

  • An up-to-date portfolio demonstrating hands-on experience with the latest versions of .NET.
  • Expertise in Azure and other Cloud Services.
  • Expert knowledge of Design Patterns, Microservices; capability to choose the most suitable architecture implementation in each specific case.
  • Microsoft Partnership.  
  • .Net engineers who can solve a certain task with a short and elegant piece of code.
  • Capability to adjust to a large enterprise project and offer smooth and seamless changes.
  • Team leads who can assist and guide the team.
  • The company should follow the Agile (Scrum) methodology

.NET developers in UKAD

UKAD team consists of 100+ qualified engineers specialized in creating custom .NET projects.

More than 10 years of experience and 300+ successfully released projects have earned UKAD a deserved reputation of well-trusted partner for outsourcing and nearshoring projects.

Our expertise covers a broad range of industries: e-commerce, e-learning, healthcare, travel, social networking, sports etc. We are proud that every software project released by our .NET team is followed with the highest rates feedback from a Client.  

UKAD collaborate with Clients via three main cooperation models: dedicated team, business digitalisation and remote IT partnership. But every Customer is unique and we are always ready to try our best to find a way of cooperation that will fit their individual needs and requirements.

How to hire .NET developer in UKAD

The process of hiring a .NET developer in UKAD include several simple steps. It all starts with a primary discussion.

  • Primary Discussion - CEO and CTO personally lead each new customer to make sure that our cooperation is effective and successful in the long term.
  • Guide price - Every customer is worried about how much time and money will be required to implement their project. We work to make our solutions as cost-and time-effective as possible and to keep our customers satisfied. 
  • Design and Research - As the result of this workshop, we’re able to define the right scope to ensure that the project will be successful.
  • Development Stage - We tends to use Agile techniques for providing the best results for coding and continuous testing.
  • The Project Launch - Here we share the final results with the end users.
    After a successful release, the project comes to life.

After the project is finished, we’re available to advise and mentor a Client during the next stages of your journey.

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