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uCommerce - Umbraco commerce platform

uCommerce - Umbraco commerce platform

If you are familiar with the Umbraco, Sitecore and Kentico CMS, you’ve probably heard of a commerce platform called uCommerce. Even if you haven’t, it’s not hard to guess its intended purpose. uCommerce is an enterprise-grade solution which seamlessly merges the content creation possibilities of the Umbraco CMS with powerful and modern commercial functions. The name of this platform reflects the modern trend in business, which can be summarized by one word - ubiquitous. The idea of this approach is to make trading simple and accessible for everyone.

uCommerce provides business owners around the globe with great possibilities of simplifying their commercial systems. Based on the “friendliest CMS” also known as Umbraco, is extremely friendly to its users, too. The platform allows to manage an unlimited amount of stores in one easy-to-deal-with system. Every store may have its own unique design, catalogs, and products.

Just take a quick look at this uCommerce overview

Created with the minimalistic approach, the platform isn’t bloated with unnecessary functions. At the same time, this clean and simple system allows to manipulate everything your business needs with a snap of a finger. Orders, reviews, associated content - you name it! The distinctive trait of the uCommerce platform is that the customers submit their orders directly to the point where they are processed by those in charge. And in case of the physical stores or phone-based services, it provides you with the possibility to create orders on behalf of customers. The platform allows for full flexibility to execute whatever business logic is matching the workflow of your company.

uCommerce is a very swift and lightweight solution with an API which works on the fly. The platform allows users to fulfill a great variety of integration scenarios. In addition to Umbraco, the platform is also fully integrated with Sitecore, another widespread solution. What’s even more important, the uCommerce platform is an open and fully customizable solution supported by the vast documentation base.

At the moment, the uCommerce platform is trusted by more than three thousand brands, including Reebok, Legrand, Heinz, Bic, and Faber-Castell. And what about your business? If you would like to try out the infinite possibilities provided by the uCommerce platform, we can help you! UKAD became a Certified uCommerce Partner, our professionals have received the certificates confirming their perfect command of this platform. They will make sure that you will receive all the benefits of uCommerce as soon as possible and with minimal efforts.

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