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When to Choose Umbraco as a CMS?

When to Choose Umbraco as a CMS?

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Each project has its own requirements and goals that influence on a CMS choice. When Umbraco is the best alternative?

Bellow I will try to clear out the main reasons to decide on Umbraco.

You Need  Free and Easy to Use CMS

You need a solution which allows to create new pages on your web site, edit and manage content and control SEO.

It Is Not “Blogging-Only”

Umbraco is good for company websites where you have a team of SEO, marketer, editors and other professionals.

You can use Umbraco as a blogging platform but if you want to use it only for blogs, WordPress or online blog engine will do a better job.

Care About Security

Microsoft-based products are known for their security standards. Umbraco as Microsoft based product takes the best from its mother technology.

Follow GDPR

Umbraco provides out of the box easy to use capabilities to handle sensitive data.

Having Microsoft based Infrastructure

Umbraco is a reasonable choice If your company has Microsoft based infrastructure or you want to use Microsoft based products.

.NET or ASP.NET Developers in Your Team

Umbraco can be easily adopted by any .NET developer with web development skills.


Umbraco offers out of the box Azure-based cloud solutions. Premium support services could be helpful for enterprise level clients.


Umbraco based solutions show good performance out of the box without any plugins or customizations.


Umbraco is an easy-to-use CMS that suits best for projects who use Microsoft products and Azure infrastructure. It is fast and secure. Premium package with support could be helpful for big and complicated projects, while small companies with a tight budget will benefit from free subscription options.

Umbraco editorial flow highly depends on appropriate customisation and settings. Product potential will perform best, and every editor will be able to enjoy its capabilities after straight-thinking development configuration.

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