Sustainability Keystones

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    Do better instead of doing more

    We believe our lean thinking provides the best results for the environment and sustainable development. With more attention to planning and architecture, UKAD avoids useless work and saves both developers' efforts and energy used to power the excess code.

  • Provide equal possibilities

    The UKAD team is built upon principles such as equality in possibilities, experience and skills sharing, respect for each one's input, and constant self-development. So, we nurture top-notch experts and provide reliable feedback to improve growth.

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    Recognize your impact

    For us, it's all clear: UKAD's solutions change the world. So, we have a goal to make this change valuable and beneficial for us, for our partners, and for our planet. UKAD gladly takes part in projects with value to society such as charity platforms or social services.

  • Improve yourself

    Constant self-improvement is a keystone of sustainable development. It is a vital part of UKAD's worldview and our approach to business because it helps us implement all the declared values and principles.


Our Approach

In UKAD, we have a unique approach blending the best sustainable development practices by Microsoft with our local necessities to provide real value to the world

  • Microsoft Certification helps us spread our applications' load within various time zones to use as much green energy as possible.
  • We write high performative code to deliver solutions that require less energy.
  • Flexible remote work policy allows our teammates to avoid excessive and unnecessary transport usage and commute skirting traffic jams.
  • The UKAD team uses laptops to have only one device both to work from home and from the office which is not only safe but also better for the environment.
  • Our teammates are located all around the world to provide the best services using less energy.
  • We use individual cups and lunch boxes that are fancy and don't produce garbage.
  • Our office is clean and absolutely safe because we use bactericidal lamps in addition to the ordinary cleaning instead of harsh chemicals.
  • UKAD is a women-friendly company that gladly hires female experts according to their skills and expertise.
  • We cherish our family vibes, so respect maternity leaves and provide parents from the UKAD team with presents and fun for their children.
  • UKAD provides medical insurance based on its own funds to allow the team to use quality medical services without the bureaucracy of the traditional approach.
  • Our team gladly shares the experience so we grow our own top-notch developers through the internship program helping young talents to do their first steps into software development.
  • In the UKAD office, you can always dispose of batteries according to the safety rules.

Our Goals for the Future

  • 80% or more developers with Microsoft Certification
  • 80% reduced waste production in the UKAD office

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