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AMP Testing

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project from Google and Twitter, allows you to create pages with instant download. These are common web pages that have AMP HTML. Average page load is 0.7 seconds. is a convenient and easy-to-use tool with an interface created for the AMP Validator tool. It shows the HTML code of the page that the user is checking and its errors. AMP Validator can be used as an extension in the browser, that is handy. it is available for Chrome and Opera. This extension automatically checks all pages with AMP. To analyse the page, check the indication signs.

AMP testingNo errors were found on the page. The number of warnings may be displayed.

AMP errorThe icon turns red if there are errors on the page.

AMP linkThis sign indicates that the page does not use AMP technology, but reports that its AMP version is available.

AMP Chrome extention

APM indicator brouser

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service that allows you to find out how your site is represented in Google Search and helps to optimize it.
To test one page, go to and enter the link to your site in the search bar.

AMP error

To find out what kind of errors you have and for what pages, click the line with the notification.

AMP check

If the error is fixed in all the listed cases, Search Console will mark it in the status table as corrected and move it to the end of the list. Search Console provides tools and training resources for troubleshooting. In order to avoid errors, it is necessary to adhere to the HTML requirements.

Valid AMP

Verification can be performed immediately for the entire site if you have access to the site in the Google Search Console. Errors of AMP pages can be tracked in the Google Search Console in the Accelerated Mobile Pages section.

By clicking on any of the lines, you can see more data about the problem, and find out on which page the error appears. After fixing the problem on all pages, you need to request a re-check of the website.

AMP page

These are the easiest and convenient ways you can easily use to check if the pages you've been working on are so far AMP complaint and get some hints Use this tool to check if one or more URLs are valid Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or not.

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