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We set up development teams and support their operations for entrepreneurs and companies from the USA, Canada, and Western and Northern Europe.

  • Western and Northern Europe map

    Western and Northern Europe

    If you're from Western or Northern Europe, our nearshoring model makes good business sense. You get access to our in-house engineers located in a suitable time zone and close to you. We help you speed up your development process while reducing your costs.

  • North America map

    North America

    Our outsourcing model is the best fit for customers located in the USA or Canada. With us you don't need to worry about hiring top talent or managing delivery. You will get a team of English speaking experts experienced in building full-fledged software solutions.

Recent Projects

The majority of our clients come from the USA and Northern Europe.

  • Electra

    Electra project
    • Umbraco
    • jQuery
    • HTML5
    • CSS
    • ASP.NET MVC (C#)


    Electra Sweden AB provides services including purchasing, stock keeping, logistics, information technology, distribution, and financing for retailers in consumer electronics. The company is based in Kalmar, Sweden. Electra Sweden AB operates as a subsidiary of Electra Gruppen AB.

  • Birdie

    Birdie project
    • Umbraco 7
    • ASP.NET MVC (C#)
    • MS SQL Server
    • jQuery
    • Html5
    • CSS3
    • AJAX
    • Responsive design


    Birdie Golf Tours is a high-class agency dedicated to golf trips and golf schools. It offers inspiring and beautiful golf trips for golfers and their families, as well as first-rate golf schooling.

  • Kiggit

    Kiggit project
    • iOS application
    • Swift
    • Firebase
    • Rest API
    • WebSockets API
    • Facebook API
    • Cocoa Pods


    Kiggit is a football betting company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Kiggit mobile app focuses on user experience and provides football fans with predictions, challenges, live scores and chat functions. Kiggit focuses on the user experience and the love of football and is a social betting app with predictions, challenges, live scores and chat.

Dedicated teams who work as your own

We assemble engineering teams exclusively for you. Our team members work with the following technology stacks.

  • Microsoft .NET

    We use .NET development platform to maintain legacy systems and create scalable business solutions that connect people, business processes, information, and devices.

  • PHP

    From e-commerce websites to simple web apps to advanced domain specific systems and integrations with third-party software, we address a variety of business needs using PHP.

  • iOS and Android

    We create iOS and Android applications for smartphones and tablets for consumers and corporate employees. We also provide the development of apps for controlling IoT devices.

Our offshore and nearshore clients

Outsourcing has pros and cons to it. We don’t trade quality for price but allow you to get the best of both worlds. Read what our clients say about working with us.

  • Martin Westin
    Martin Westin
    Birdie AB, Sweden

    "UKAD has shown flexibility, rapidness, professionality and they are available when needed!"

  • Johan Sävenstrand
    Ginza music shop, Sweden

    "Prompt and helpful in software development projects. High skills in .Net and web development. Very professional."

  • Mårten Angner
    Whiteport AB, Sweden

    "We've been working for five years and we never missed the deadline. I want to keep these guys forever working with me."

  • Trond Bugge
    Kairos Future Analytics AB, Sweden

    "Embracing lean software development we needed a team that could suggest and implement innovative web solutions and provides short development cycle time at low costs. UKAD has delivered on all these terms!"

  • Niklas Johansson
    Photowall, Sweden

    "We value our relationship with UKAD. We've been working on numerous development projects together now and it has been a very positive experience for me and my company. UKAD has been a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding and in general work done has been very high. I would recommend them!"

  • Dr. Phil Agulnik
    Dr. Phil Agulnik
    entitledto, United Kingdom

    "Denis and his team are great people to work with. Because they care about what they do, their default setting is to create a great user experience. I’d recommend them to anyone!"

Your R&D center in Ukraine

With our help you can hire a remote dedicated team in Ukraine or Poland within a week. We ensure transparent processes allowing you to have full control over the delivery.

  • Cost-efficiency


    The location of our development team makes our rates competitive compared to service providers from our client's countries. But our deliverables are as good or better.

  • Managed delivery

    Managed delivery

    With great management, there is great performance. Our project managers also act as software architects at the projects. This makes communication with our clients effective.

  • Easy setup

    Easy setup

    It takes us about a week to assemble the development team according to your requirements. We arrange interviews with developers to make sure our candidates are a perfect fit for you.

  • On-demand scaling

    On-demand scaling

    We work with our clients for a long term. As your product starts growing we can scale your team with high-performing individuals within the shortest time to support your project.

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