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Imagine a development team...

Every website, app, or system starts out like a vision in someone's mind. We are UKAD - an enthusiastic software development outfit based in the UK with offshore offices in Ukraine and Poland. We make any system imaginable a reality. Our number one goal since setting up in 2005 is to become the dream tech partner for businesses all over the world.

We know that technical expertise is only the first step to becoming the greatest development partner imaginable, so we started out with a different approach - We set out to create the perfect place to work and being so good that we would like to hire if we were the clients. Here is the kind of team we strive to be:

We are awesome, hire us!

We embrace new technologies, without getting caught up in the hype!

Like the übergeeks we are, we're always scouting around for new and exciting technologies. There is virtually no new trend we aren't among the first to find and get to grips with. You as a client should always get technical advice that business sense from us. In every decision, we strive to use our expertise and judgment to avoid constantly chasing after the latest tech trends that come on the horizon.

We use technology that makes business sense, hire us!

We simply deliver great projects

Proud is the only word to describe how we feel about the projects we are been lucky enough to work on so far.

We continually delight our clients

We love our clients, and they love us right back. Here are a few words from some really happy clients!

  • Embracing lean software development we needed a team that could suggest and implement innovative web solutions and provide short development cycle time at low costs. UKAD has delivered on all these terms!
    Trond Bugge
    Trond Bugge Director Collaborative Innovation, Kairos Future
  • We value our relationship with UKAD. We've been working in numerous development projects together now and it is has been a very positive experience for me and my company. UKAD has been a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding and in general work done has been very high. I would recommend them!
    Niklas Johansson
    Niklas Johansson COO & Founder at Photowall
  • Prompt and helpful in software development projects. High skills in .Net and web development. Very professional.
    Johan Sävenstrand
    Johan Sävenstrand CTO & E-commerce Manager at Ginza AB
  • We've being working for five years and we never missed deadline. I want to keep these guys forever working with me.
    Mårten Angner
    Mårten Angner User Experience Designer at Whiteport®
  • Denis and his team are great people to work with. Because they care about what they do, their default setting is to create a great user experience. I’d recommend them to anyone
    Dr. Phil Agulnik
    Dr. Phil Agulnik Director, entitledto
  • I really was happy with UKAD specialists - they presented themselves as true professionals. Due to successful team-work I got a good feedback for iOS app from my customers.
    Lina Österman
    Lina Österman Founder & CEO
  • Great job, Alex! Thank you and ur awesome team!👍
    Mikael Karström
    Mikael Karström CEO at ApartDirect
You will be very happy too, hire us!
  • We think for ourselves

    We know that being able to do the right things without having to be explicitly told so, is vital to a project's success. We strive to have the perfect balance between following instructions, reading between the lines and suggesting additions that make sense. We always make sure that we understand the long-term plans and business goals before starting work on the detail specifications. In this way, we can fill in any gaps and make sense of a rudimentary project brief.

  • We deliver in time

    We push ourselves hard and know that trust is built by one fulfilled promise at a time. You should be able to focus your own business while we help you make your vision into reality. We know how to get things done for our clients, so you should feel you can sit back, relax and expect the results you asked for when you asked for them.

  • It's just like we are working right next door

    Is it possible to get top-notch development team from a far off location? Definitely, we say! Distance and culture have never been an issue for us and our clients, in fact, it's been the opposite. Our clients give us constant positive feedback about our availability and responsiveness. So, as long as you are interested in great results, you will feel right at home with us!

Build your remote team now!

We grow together with our clients and build lasting relationships

Some clients hire us in for a single project, others have us on long term contracts and some use us as their only development resource, making do without any local developers. With time we realized that we have grown together with the client after we have experienced challenges and successes for a longer period of time. In every relationship, from first "Hello", we aim for a long-term relationship with each client company and the people running it! And it has proven very satisfying strategy!

Why not ride into the sunset with us? Hire us!
  • We take up no space in your office

    You should never think it is hard to get a great offshore development team on board. We know that getting a team of local talent together is a big ordeal and that’s why we are very happy to offer it to you totally hassle free. Choose us and you will get star programmers, architects and quality assessment personnel of international standard without having to publish any single ad or review any job application.

  • We are effective and cost less

    Our clients often say that they hire us, not for our great price but for our amazing skills and productivity, the great value they get as a bonus. We charge less than most East European competitors and are competitive even with Asian rates. Just tell us about your project and we will show you really how cost-effective we are.

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