Why choose UKAD as your long-term service provider

For 15 years we successfully built long-term relationships with companies and personal entrepreneurs from Northern and Western Europe

  • 1 Suitable time zone

    Suitable time zone

    Our development facilities are located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, with a comfortable time zone that guarantees effective and cozy development management. With only 1-2 hours of time zone difference and our flexible approach to work, it's easy to schedule meetings, updates, and demos.

    Manage the development progress with UKAD just as you would with your in-house development team.

  • Open and transparent

    We build our workflow under Clients' goals to be sure if our delivery process is beneficial, easy to scale and estimate. With UKAD you always know what you pay for.

    Our approach to collaboration includes all the best practices in software development outsourcing and development teams augmentation. Utilization of Agile methodology makes our activities clear and plannable.

    2 Cultural similarities
  • 3 Short travel distance

    Short travel distance

    We are always glad to welcome our Clients in the UKAD office, several kilometers from International Airport Kharkiv. Just let us know and come to meet people working on your projects.

    It's easier to build smooth collaboration with people you have met face to face. In UKAD, we cherish quality communication between customers and developers, so you are welcome to visit us anytime to work closely with your team. A flight to Kharkiv from most of Europe takes only a few hours, while any visas aren't required.

  • Results-driven

    And when we release a new version of each product and see how our customers achieve new goals, we become proud of our results.

    In UKAD we believe that our work should help clients grow. Each time we start a new project, we share customers' challenges and take responsibility for results.

    4 Cost-efficiency

Wide expertise and perfect management bring brilliant products. Great results and easy communications build productive partnerships. All this makes UKAD your reliable tech partner!

Our expertise

Our core competence is building web and mobile applications with great performance, establishing efficient development and testing processes on Customers’ demand

Agile approach

Agile approach

Delivering quality services requires discipline. We work under the Agile paradigm and use Scrum and Kanban methodologies for planning and management

  • Daily cooperation
  • Continuous delivery
  • Test driven development
  • Simple task boards
  • Rapid iterations
  • Velocity tracking
Web development

Web development

We design and develop complex web solutions using technologies such as .NET, Node.js and PHP. Our skills and tech stacks allow us to create quality solutions from scratch

  • .NET
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • CMS
  • DevOps
Mobile app development

Mobile app development

UKAD provides cross-platform and native mobile development services with a stack of technologies that suits every need. Enjoy the benefits of modern mobile apps for business!

  • Netive iOS (Swift, Objective-C)
  • Native Android (Java)
  • Hybrid (Ionic 2)
  • Android Wear
  • WatchOS
  • Iot

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