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Industry — Social Networks, Travel
Location — Sweden
  • Web Development
  • iOS application
  • Social Network
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NOWWHERE is a social platform that unites creatives and celebrities and lets them share recommendations for leisure places with each other.

The platform provides a select list of the best places, showing only those which have been recommended by reviewers from the fashion, music, film, photography, and design industries. The app provides additional information about recommended restaurants and uses geolocation to show the best places nearby.

Features of the NOWWHERE app include:

  • Quick selection of restaurants that have been recommended;
  • Recommendations by VIPs (each restaurant featured must be recommended by one of the creative members);
  • Social engagement (share and exchange restaurant recommendations with like-minded people);
  • Celebrity following (discover and follow creatives and see how they travel the globe);
  • Live streams to inspire users with the freshest recommendations worldwide;
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NOWWHERE set a challenge to create an iPhone app that would connect celebrities and let them share opinions and tips about popular places. NOWWHERE also needed to offer a mobile-friendly informational website.

The app needed to have the following features:

  • Restaurant references;
  • Information about public venues;
  • A stream with recent reviews;
  • Sharing via social networks;
  • Ability to invite friends;
  • Trial access;
  • Map;
  • User profiles;

The website needed to display:

  • Interviews;
  • Editor’s pick of the month;
  • Reviews;
  • Recommendations;
  • Stream;


We implemented the website and designed the app from scratch. The result is a website and mobile app that both feature a responsive, mobile-friendly UX and UI.

Website implementation

Home page
Interview page
Restaurant recommendation page

IOS application implementation

Streams, Restaurants and Map View Screens
Venue Info, Share and Profile screens


The technology stack we chose let us meet all of our client’s requirements and offer the required functionality in a cost-efficient and time-efficient manner.

Our client was highly satisfied with the final result.

The app was even featured in Vogue!

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Technology stack


  • Umbraco 7 technology
    Umbraco 7
  • ASP.NET MVC (C#) technology
    ASP.NET MVC (C#)
  • jQuery technology
  • HTML5 technology
  • CSS3 technology
  • AJAX technology
  •  Rest API technology
    Rest API
  • MapKit technology
  • MS SQL Server technology
    MS SQL Server

iOS application

  • UIKit technology
  •  Core Location tool
    Core Location
  •   CocoaPods tool
  • Objective-C tool
  • Push notifications tool
    Push notifications
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